Management Company

Bridge Fund Management Limited (“BFML”) is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. BFML acts as both a UCITS Management Company and an AIFM. BFML offers a truly independent third party management company and fund governance services to both Irish domiciled UCITS and AIFs.

Working in partnership with our clients, our Super Manco solution is designed to provide a reliable, flexible and efficient operational infrastructure. It allows our clients to concentrate on investing and raising capital with the confidence that the regulatory compliance and governance obligations are being met.

Bridge Management Company – Hierarchy of Responsibilities Diagram  


Advantages of BFML:

  • Regulatory Capital Requirement – the regulatory minimum capital requirement is provided by BFML
  • Truly Independent Solution – We work with your choice of service provider
  • Operational Substance – BFML fulfils the regulatory substance and fund governance required
  • Oversight of Governance – effective oversight of the service providers to the Fund
  • People – highly experienced industry professionals with a proven history
  • Board of Directors – A number of industry experts sit on the board of BFML


Bridge Fund Management Limited – Renumeration Policy

AIFM Management Company

Bridge Fund Management Limited (“BFML”) is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and provides a Management Company Service to Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs).  BFML offers an alternative, cost-effective infrastructure for asset managers who do not wish to structure their businesses in Ireland, allowing them to comply with the AIFM minimum substance requirements.

Why use BFML:

  • BFML assumes full regulatory responsibility for the day-to-day management of your fund
  • BFML provides sufficient capital to meet the fund’s regulatory capital requirement
  • BFML provides fully independent AIFM risk management solution
  • Evaluation, selection and supervision of fund service providers
  • Provision of regulatory compliance and governance framework
  • Independent oversight of portfolio management
  • Assistance with cross-border registration and jurisdictional compliance

Working closely with our clients, BFML reports to each AIF board meeting and has in place prompt escalation procedures for each fund Board.  This independent and integrated solution is designed to provide assurance and comfort to our clients and their investors alike.


UCITS Management Company

Bridge Fund Management Limited (“BFML”) is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as an Irish domiciled UCITS Management Company BFML fulfils the Central Bank of Ireland’s UCITS organisation requirements and is responsible for the 6 key identified management functions:

  • Investment Management
  • Fund Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Distribution
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Capital and Financial Management

BFML offers an integrated UCITS derivatives risk management solution through BIRS.  

BFML provides a cost effective structure which includes the oversight of  service providers, allowing our clients to concentrate on portfolio management and distribution.

Bridge Fund Management Limited – Remuneration Policy